My Story:

We’re all on a journey towards increasing self-awareness; I’ve been on a similar path. Growing up I had always wanted to know what’s beyond all that we see. Beyond what our eyes see, beyond what we hear etc. I wanted answers to questions like:

  • How can one be happy at all times?
  • What’s the best way to live? What’s the best use of time?
  • What’s most important about relationships?
  • How do I stay super healthy?
  • How do I know what is best for me or what I truly want in life?

Along the way I did find some answers, they include:

  • I found that there is an inner sanctum that you can access to stay peaceful and joyous at will.
  • I found that it is possible to live a life guided by the Universal Mind, a life that’s purpose driven and very fulfilling.
  • I also found that with good knowledge and practice you can lead a very healthy life.
  • I found that following your ‘True North’ was the only way forward.

Today I’m still growing and am able to live a highly fulfilling life. A life that includes the highest levels of satisfaction possible materially, mentally, relationally and spiritually. The journey never ends of course, so there’s always more to do and to be. I’ve also learnt that I lose out on the biggest prize if I don’t enjoy the journey itself.

I know that I can help you, in your journey, as a friend, a confidante, a coach and a mirror, to aide you to find your Life Purpose, your meaning in life, your ideal job and Love.

Other info about Manu Puri:

Manu is a CTI ( certified coaching professional. He’s also a Curriculum Manager (Learning & Development Consultant) at Microsoft. Manu has a BA in Economics, a Master’s in IT and an MBA in Finance/International business.

As a Learning & Development Consultant at Microsoft Corporation Manu is responsible for the professional readiness of Microsoft Consultants & Architects. His main focus is to help them unleash their true and full potential for the organization, for Microsoft and for themselves. Prior to this role Manu has been a Professional Development Manager, a technical consultant, a pre-sales technology evangelist, a marketing manager as well as a small business owner.

Manu specializes in helping professionals who feel lost in life despite having it all. He helps them find their true purpose by holistically combining coaching techniques with self-awareness (via meditation) and various self-improvement approaches. His other specialty is helping professionals be extremely effective at their jobs.

In his spare time Manu loves to understand people, relationships and his own-self. Please visit the following blogs that he maintains:

  1. (Focused on spiritual growth and living a fulfilled and love-filled life, NOW)
  2. (Focused on excelling and growing as a person, a manager and a leader in today’s corporations).


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