David Allen of http://www.davidco.com, best seller author of many books and systems, consultant and internationally acclaimed speaker spoke with Coach Manu recently!

David’s current book is Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life

1) In this first segment David talks about why it’s so important to have a system to get things done. When you do that you free up your psyche and expand creative space.

2) David here talks about being in the zone and in the moment, engaging in the game, being fully available to what you’re doing, giving your attention to what has your attention. Find out how to get into the zone, how not to have the same thought more than once. What’s not on cruise control, that’s what on your mind.

3) In this recording learn more about David’s methodology, how not to keep your commitments in your head because the mind operates on whatever you feed it. Don’t randomize yourself. Have a reliable system, don’t distract your mind.

4) Learn about the natural planning model in this recording, what we do first, second …last, the mind follows a process naturally. What’s your purpose, intention? You can apply the same model to any situation.�

5) Here David talks about his new book. Lighten up he says and get more business-like about the rest of your life. For a free assessment, a map on where you are on the control/perspective tradeoff go to www.gtdiq.com