Janet Conner of www.writingdownyoursoul.com and author of Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within met with Coach Manu recently to talk about her extraordinary and extremely helpful book!

1) In Part 1 of this interview learn how the ‘voice’ discovered Janet, actually it was a dog! And how the ‘Dear God’ conversations began!

2) What’s the science behind this kind of writing? Learn how the body, mind and soul come together to make such an experience possible!

3) Follow the steps outlined in this part to connect with your soul at a deep level. Learn how to express your soul through writing in this manner. Caution: Do not attempt if you’re afraid to change your life!! Also learn how you will know that the connection has been made.

4) In this last part of the interview learn why handwriting works best but typing can work too. Also learn of some other resources at your disposal!