Linda Kaplan Thaler of  The Linda Kaplan Thaler Group spoke with Coach Manu about her book The Power of Small!

1) Introduction and how the Power of Small came about. The power of small in action, a germ of an idea or a kind gesture. Remember the AFLAC duck? Heres the story! Tiny seeds grow into big trees and even forests.


2) Truth #1: Its a Byte size world! For good or for bad, better watch out! Check out the story of the Free Rice website here…

3) Truth #2: Small acts tell a large story. The first impression is the right one! How attention to the small detail pays off, listen to how the FBI works!

4) Truth #3: Everyone matters, the story of Frank the security guy! The kidney donation, all thanks to small talk!

5) Truth #4: A little good goes a long way. The Power of Story!