Life Purpose Coaching (Money Back Guarantee):

  • What is your LIFE PURPOSE?
    • What were you designed to do and to be?
    • Understanding, very specifically, what your life purpose is, its components, will allow you to truly follow your bliss.
    • It will allow you to engage in activities and manifest a self that will expand your life and make it extremely fulfilling and meaningful.

Interested? In this program I’ll work with you using specific techniques to help you discover detailed information about your unique purpose in life. Armed with this info you’ll know exactly what you should be doing so that you’re truly fulfilled and also financially stable.

You will know:

  1. What essential quality you bring to every relationship and transaction. This quality when enhanced will lead you to greater happiness and success.
  2. What unique gift you offer to the world. This will include details on how you might use this gift at home, work or play. You will be joyous every day of your life, knowing that you’re finally living your purpose!
  3. Your mission: What do you do next in your life? And beyond…You’ll know what kind of business or people to work with and what to attempt next!

The cost for this program is $2000. The time duration for this is generally 3-6 months depending on many factors like your readiness and time availability on your end.

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome I’ll refund your entire fee.