Coaching with a heart

Getting to the heart of the matter

I sought Manu’s help six months ago and the experience has far exceeded my expectations. He has helped restore me to myself, which not only feels wonderful but has brought much clarity in terms of my daily life and work. His coaching has been consistently constructive and caring. What made working with him special for me is that Manu mixes spirituality and practicality, reflection and action. Therefore, the coaching has impacted every aspect of my life. Life changing, in fact. – JP, Boston, MA

Manu is a keen observer and great communicator who quickly understands the intricacies of any situation and provides an unbiased mirror during coaching sessions. He has enabled a self discovery process by asking poignant questions while keeping the focus on life objectives that are clearly set up at the beginning.

Manu has helped me define a metaphor for my life that captures the essential elements of my life objectives, which is something that I frequently and effortlessly allude to in the course of my personal and work life, and has helped me improve my relationships with important people in my life.

Manu has been a great guide and coach to me during last one and half years, and I will recommend him without any hesitation! – Y. Roy, Redmond, WA

I find Manu to be an extremely patient and results-oriented coach who engages in an ongoing dialog to identify one’s unique personal goal in life and how to build a plan to achieve it. Manu has helped me with specific strategies around time-management, career strategy and handling situations that are emotional triggers as building blocks towards identifying and pursuing my long-term life purpose. I would recommend Manu because he is not simply about getting results, but about exploring your inner self to get the right results that align with your true life purpose. – M. Das, Redmond, WA

Manu has been an incredible business and personal coach to me for over 3 years. He has been responsive to my needs, insightful in recognizing my self-limiting habits and specific in providing me actions to move ahead. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Manu’s thoughtful guidance. – Erik L., Fort Worth, TX

Coach Manu is extremely insightful at getting you to realize your potential. He’s helped me awaken my courage and accept success as a small business owner. Talk to Coach Manu if you want to get motivated and get what you want out of life. – Chris C., Seattle, WA.

Coaching with Manu has greatly helped me clarify my values and bring true focus to what is important in my life. Manu has helped me see how I can step back, look at the big picture and take control. He is a great sounding board and with his empathetic, compassionate and no nonsense approach he has helped me align my goals and values. I have been coached in the areas of career, finance and self development by Manu, his continual input on self development is particularly invaluable to me. Manu has been a powerful motivator and has taught me great relaxation and visualisation techniques that allow me to refocus on my life’s purpose daily. – J. Ruprell, Vancouver, BC

Coach Manu has been a great mentor. On top of being an objective coach, he also took an empathic personal approach to work through different issues impacting my life. I went through a very tough transition with my job situation. He patiently listened to my needs and provided context and guidance needed for me to stay focused on my life objectives. He also provided many reflective exercises for me to look deeper into my personal and work life. I’m very thankful for the guidance provided by Manu. – Joshua L., Redmond, WA