I run 2 blogs; please visit the sites below to sign up for an email subscription:

www.EffectiveYou.com (published monthly)

The central premise for this blog is that you must be effective first. You must come first. Everything else, then, follows. If you can be effective as a human, spouse, parent, child and citizen then the world is well along its way to a recovery. A recovery that can only begin via a personal transformation. That revolution must begin with you! So how can you be effective in all these arenas of life? It’s the goal of this blog to explore just that. We’ll explore the dimensions of personal, professional and ‘leadership’ oriented ways and means.

www.NamasteNow.com (published weekdays)

This is a spiritual blog devoted to the idea that when we live forcefully in the present and connect to the Universal Mind at the same time, we can be channels of love and service to all who we come across daily. This is possibly the most effective step any human can personally take to further the cause of harmony in the world.