Simon T. Bailey of met with Coach Manu to discuss his new book ‘Release Your Brilliance’ . In this 25 minute long conversation that’s broken up into 4 parts Simon explains why each one of us is like a brilliant diamond, waiting to be mined and polished!

Part 1: In part 1 Simon talks about the life events that brought him where he is. He also talks about the gift he brings to the world and why your personal brand is your most important possession!

Part 2: In part 2 Simon talks about his book ‘Release Your Brilliance’. He goes through the 4 steps necessary to allow the diamond that you are to shine and be brilliant!

Part 3: In part 3 Simon relates what he means by ‘contagious optimism’, the X factor that is Confidence and why we’re in a recession right now!

Part 4: In part 4 Simon explains why you need a coach to unleash your brilliance to the world!