I offer 2 workshops which I believe are core for any individual in a professional setting:

1. A Leader’s Impact:

Every great leader has had a team of people who share their vision and work tirelessly to achieve it. You can also have a team to help you build your success, follow your dreams and accomplish what you are meant to accomplish in this life. But to do this you have to be able to inspire others to motivate them to work with you. You have to have a positive impact on them. This is crucial to achieving your goals.

How can you inspire others to join you in working towards your vision? What impact do you actually have on other people? How can you improve your leadership skills?

You will discover amazing things about yourself and your natural leadership style. You will learn how to augment your natural leading abilities, and other styles to put in your toolbox to bring out when you need them. You will be able to handle any relationship effectively, achieving your goal in every interaction every time!

You will learn:

  • Which leadership style you normally use when dealing with others; are you a nurturer or a take charge person? Are you task-oriented, or people-oriented? Which is most effective? The answer may astound you!
  • When should you use your personal style of leading, and when will that particular style not work?
  • The secret to using all of the different leadership styles to your advantage in every situation.
  • How you can to tap into the power of these different styles and the best time to use each one to impact others.

2. Effective Teams:

At the heart of any effective organization are effective teams.

  • How effective is the team you manage or particpate in?
  • What does it take to bring everyone on board and delivering at their peak enthusiastic performance?
  • How can everyone be motivated to collaborate and work toward’s organizational goals?

In this workshop I will work with your team to:

  1. First understand (via a survey) the team’s current condition.
  2. Conduct several exercises that enhance communication styles, team spirit and motivation towards a common vision.
  3. Leave each team member with specific action items that guarantee effective teaming.

My involvement doesn’t end once the facilitation is over. I provide follow-up for 6 months to ensure the results you expect from each workshop described above.