Standard Offerings:

  1. Life Purpose Coaching: What is your life’s purpose? What you were designed to do and to be? Understanding, very specifically, what your life purpose is, its components, will allow you to truly follow your bliss. It will allow you to engage in activities and manifest a self that will expand your life and make it extremely fulfilling and meaningful. Interested? $2000, your money back if you’re not satisfied.
  2. Facilitated Workshops: ‘A Leader’s Impact’ & ‘Effective Teams’
  3. Goal-Oriented Coaching: How would you like to be very specific about the goals you want to achieve? What goals should these be? How can they be thrilling enough so that you want to achieve them? How do you manifest these goals into your life with ease? Standard coaching rates are $400/month for 120 minutes of coaching, broken into 2 – 4 sessions.